Why Pick Wood?

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When planning for a home renovation project, it can be difficult to choose between new carpet and the many types of hardwood flooring available. For the pros at Smith Bros Flooring, however, there is a clear winner in the proverbial debate between hardwood and traditional carpet.

We believe hardwood is a preferable choice for nearly every home, and our experience serving the Calgary area for more than a century has shown us, time and time again, the benefits of hardwood. Here are a few key reasons for choosing hardwood when replacing the floors in your home:

Health Benefits

Carpet has a terrible issue. It traps allergens and bacteria that can be harmful to the occupants of your home. Over time, it’s very difficult to clean enough to keep these allergens from accumulating and posing a health risk.

With hardwood floors, however, there is little opportunity for allergens and bacteria to become trapped in the tiny grooves of your floorboards. If you have one or more pets in your home, hardwood significantly reduces the chance of your guest suffering from pet allergies.

Less Maintenance Needs

Regular maintenance is essential if you want to keep the interior of your home clean and presentable. Hardwood floors, however, require less regular care than carpet and even when they do request more concentrated attention, care tends to be much easier with hardwood compared to carpet.

Liquid spills on carpets can result in permanent stains, but as long as you remove spills from hardwood relatively quickly, the chance for permanent damage is minimal. Regular sweeping is typically all that’s required to keep excessive dust from accruing on your floors.

Easier to Refinish

Unfortunately, Father Time takes a toll on all flooring surfaces, regardless of quality. While hardwood is much less susceptible to regular wear and tear than carpet, without proper maintenance it can still be dented or scratched over time.

If damage does occur, hardwood is much easier to refinish than carpet. Sufficiently cleaning carpet that has suffered multiple spills enough to make it look like new again is practically impossible. With hardwood floors, on the other hand, a professional service should be able to bring the shine back to your floors in a matter of 24-48 hours.

Longer Lifetime

Because hardwood is much more durable than carpet, and it can be refinished when the appearance is no longer to your liking, hardwood has a much longer lifetime than carpet. When making a large investment in renovating your home, you should look for a flooring solution that will last. Well cared for hardwood floors should last the lifetime of your home.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Hardwood has been used in some of the most prestigious homes around the world for decades. It adds value to your home and remains a popular option for many homeowners. If you want to make a great impression next time you host a casual dinner party, your new hardwood floors certainly won’t hurt your cause.


Once you decide you want to go with hardwood, you’ll still have a few important choices to make, including the exact type of wood you’ll use. Hardwood is extremely versatile, and many varieties are available to suit your interests. If you wish to speak to one of our flooring experts about your unique needs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403-917-0847 today!

Caring for your Hardwood Floors and Preventing Damage

Smith Bros. Floors Ltd.

Hardwood floors are a great investment. They add value to your home and provide a beautiful, long-lasting flooring solution. Carpet easily becomes a hassle when you begin to suffer the effects of the extra regular maintenance it often requires.

At Smith Bros Flooring, we have been providing hardwood-flooring solutions throughout Calgary for more than 100 years. We recognize the benefits of both engineered and solid hardwood, and we strive to help every customer find a satisfactory product.

If you’re still deciding whether or not to install hardwood floors in your home, you start by learning more about the process of maintaining hardwood. Here are some simple suggestions for hardwood care and damage prevention:

Outside Maintenance

The first step in keeping your hardwood floors clean and damage-free requires a bit of exterior maintenance. Dirt and debris that gets tracked into your home easily causes scratches if it remains underfoot for extended periods. Entryways, patios, and the garage should receive extra attention once your hardwood floors are installed.

Protecting High Traffic Areas

More trafficked areas of your home are, of course, more likely to suffer damage over time, so protecting these areas with rugs or mats is a great way to keep high traffic areas free of damages. Ultimately, this will also help to extend the life of your hardwood floors.

The foyer, main hallways, and kitchen should be your focus areas when placing mats to avoid excessive accumulation of dirt and debris. Because you shouldn’t allow excessive moisture to remain in contact with your floors for an extended period of time, be sure to avoid rubber-backed floor mats.

If you want to stay one step ahead of dust and dirt, you might consider implementing a “no shoes in the house” rule. This will keep dangerous debris in your main entrance area rather than having it tracked throughout the home.

Staying High and Dry

Water is one of the most dangerous substances for your hardwood floors. Minor water damage can appear as a hazy or white stain on the surface. Pooled water, squishy floorboards, and soaked drywall are three common signs of more severe water damage.

Soaking up any liquid that spills on your floor as quickly as possible is essential to preventing water damage. If water remains on the surface of your floors for too long, it will seep through the floorboards and compromise the integrity of the subfloor and the floorboards themselves.

If you do notice minor surface damage, try buffing it out using automotive polish or even toothpaste and applying light pressure with a cotton cloth. More extensive damage, however, could mean having to replace your entire floors altogether.

New hardwood floor owners should be carefully aware of soaking up all liquids spilled if they wish to reduce the likelihood of water damage. If you have, unfortunately, noticed a few signs that could indicate water damage to your subfloor, please don’t hesitate to contact the expert team at Smith Bros Flooring at 403-917-0847 today!