Comparing Different Types Of Flooring: Hardwood vs. Laminate vs. Vinyl (LVP)

hardwood vs laminate vs vinyl

Your home can see a lot of traffic which means your floors take the brunt of all the action! If you are looking for hard flooring options then hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring offer a multitude of options to pick from. The following article addresses the key difference between the three floor types that can help you make a more informed decision when investing in flooring for your home. 

Which Is Better? Hardwood vs. Laminate vs. Vinyl

Hardwood vs. Laminate

If you are looking for something more timeless and aesthetically pleasing, then hardwood flooring is better than laminate. However, laminate is a great flooring material for functional settings where practicality is your utmost priority. Laminate is a good option to install in a child’s playroom, in the family den, or in parts of the house where children and pets spend most of their time running around. Hardwood flooring can stain and it can also change colour if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. On the other hand, laminate is stain-resistant (can be easily wiped) and its colour will not fade in direct sunlight. Laminate is easier to install than hardwood flooring, as most laminate uses click-and-lock assembly which avoids the use of nails or glue. If you are looking for an easy-to-install, practical, and low-maintenance flooring option then laminate is better suited for you than hardwood flooring.

Hardwood vs. Vinyl

Vinyl is scratch-resistant, and its colour does not fade easily when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. Also, vinyl is waterproof whereas hardwood flooring is not. This makes vinyl a great option to install in washrooms and kitchens where accidental water spills can curl or shrink hardwood floors. In addition, hardwood floors can be resanded every 10 years, and vinyl floors can only be replaced and not repaired. Moreover, hardwood flooring is a renewable resource whereas vinyl flooring is not environmentally-friendly because it is made from PVC resin. Vinyl is a very low-maintenance and durable type of flooring and is increasingly being used in commercial applications for these reasons.

Laminate vs. Vinyl

Laminate and vinyl may seem similar to each other on the surface, and both are easier to install than hardwood flooring. However, there are some differences between the two that can influence your decision. For example, if you want to choose a flooring that is aesthetically pleasing, laminate offers options that are similar to hand-scaped hardwood, stone, and ceramics, among other materials. When it comes to water resistance, vinyl flooring is more water-resistant than laminate. As a matter of fact, all kinds of vinyl flooring are considered waterproof since sheet vinyl, LVT, and LVP are made with waterproof materials. In addition, when comparing laminate and vinyl, vinyl flooring is the easiest to clean and can even be wet mopped, unlike laminate which is not water-resistant and can get damaged by water sitting on it for too long.

Now you know what is the difference between hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring.

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