4 Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need to be Refinished

4 Signs Your Hardwood Floors Need to be Refinished - Smith Bros Floors - Hardwood Flooring Experts Calgary - Featured Image

Hardwood floors are known to be durable, beautiful, and timeless. But like any feature in your home, they need a little love every once in a while to maintain that gorgeous finish. But how do you know when to get them refinished? Our 35 years of experience has taught us that sometimes the answer is in plain sight. Here are four simple ways to tell if your hardwood floors need to be refinished.


Water Damage

You need to act quickly when water damage occurs. Standing water or a leak can be disastrous to hardwood floors. If this ever happens, you won’t only need to dry the floors, but you’ll likely need to refinish them as well. There are a lot of nooks and crannies for water to slip into, causing warps or even mold growth.


Big Gouges or Chips

Over time, deep scratches can turn into gouges and suddenly you’re finding wood chips on your floor. Holes in your hardwood aren’t just unsightly, they are an opening to the surrounding wood. Water and debris can build up in these spaces, breaking down the wood and eating away at the stain. Furthermore, these can begin to splinter. Splintered wood can hurt your family, pets, and guests.



This sign occurs over time as well, though it can be more subtle than chips and gouges. There are two main types of discolouration to watch out for. The first is when your floors start to turn gray. This happens when the polyurethane coating starts to wear down and the floors experience water damage. The second is sun damage. For living rooms with great big bay windows, this can be the biggest threat. Faded floorboards are a huge red flag.


A Shift in Your Style

Hardwood floors often last longer than your personal preferences. Styles change, and refinishing is the perfect way to update your hardwood flooring. In many cases, you won’t need to completely replace them in order to do this. A simple sanding and refinishing could just do the trick!


Keep an eye on these four major warning signs to know when your hardwood floors need some extra love. Once you begin to see the faded areas and deep gouges, it’s time to call in the professionals. Contact us today for an estimate!