Festive Floorings: Preparing Your Hardwood For The Christmas Season

Festive Floorings

It is that time of year again! ‘Tis the time to think about holiday decorating and hosting family and friends during the holidays. Prepare your hardwood floors for this Christmas season and make beautiful memories with your family and friends without the additional stress of damaging your beautiful flooring. Get your home and hardwood floors festive-ready with the following tips and recommendations for the holidays!

Prepare Your Hardwood Flooring For Holiday Decorations And Hosting

Protecting your beautiful hardwood floors during the Christmas season is crucial to ensure that they remain in good condition. Here are some tips to help you protect your hardwood flooring:

Use rugs and mats

Place non-slip area rugs at the entryways and high-traffic areas of your home such as living rooms and dining rooms to capture dirt, moisture, and debris from shoes as this will prevent them from being tracked onto your hardwood floors.

Remove shoes

Encourage your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home and provide a designated area for shoes close to the entrance of your home to make it convenient for guests to remove their shoes before entering. Avoid wearing high heels on your hardwood flooring, as doing so can leave deep and irreparable dents on the flooring.

Lift heavy items

When moving heavy furniture or holiday decorations, lift the heavy items instead of dragging them to avoid causing scratches to the floor’s finishing.

Be careful with Christmas trees

If you have a Christmas tree, put a tree skirt or a mat underneath the tree to contain any water spills and pine needles, and be cautious when moving the tree to avoid scratching the floor.

Choose the right decorations

Be careful when decorating with heavy or sharp objects as these decorations could potentially scratch and damage the hardwood flooring if they fall on the floor.

Clean spills right away

Spills can accidentally happen during the holiday season but make sure to clean up possible spills immediately to prevent moisture from absorbing into the wood and causing stains or water damage.

Use floor protectors

Use protective mats, and soft or cushioned bases for heavy Christmas decorations to protect your hardwood floors. Attach felt or rubber protectors to the bottom of furniture legs to avoid scratches to your hardwood floor when chairs and tables move around frequently during holiday gatherings.

Trim your pet’s nails

If you have pets, ensure that you trim their nails because long and sharp claws can easily scratch and damage hardwood floors.

Schedule regular cleaning and maintenance

Continue your routine floor cleaning through the holiday season and use a vacuum or a soft broom brush to remove dirt and debris, and a hardwood floor cleaner with a mop to maintain the finish and shine. Vacuuming will also help with removing pine needles, confetti, and pieces from broken Christmas ornaments with their pointy edges that can damage the hardwood floor.

Monitor the heating

As the temperatures lower outside, you will likely want to turn up the thermostat in your home to get that feeling of coziness. Although this could make you feel very comfortable and cozy, it can come at the cost of your hardwood floors. High heat can dry out hardwood floors and can cause the hardwood floorboards to crack or shrink. To keep your guests warm and comfortable and to keep your utility bills low, ensure to run a humidifier to emit moisture in the air and provide the right level of warmth without damaging your floors. Maintain the optimal humidity in your home, which is usually between 30% and 50% as fluctuations in humidity can expand and contract the hardwood which can lead to gaps or warping.

By following these recommendations and being prepared for the holiday season, you will be able to care for your hardwood floors and preserve their beauty and longevity while also enjoying the festive environment in your home.