What The Benefits of Professional Installation of Your Wood Floors

What The Benefits of Professional Installation of Your Wood Floors

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When renovating your home, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to install new hardwood flooring. Hardwood is preferable to carpet in many ways, but one of the most important is lifetime. Hardwood lasts much longer than carpet and, when installed correctly, can exceed the lifetime of many other aspects of your home.

Having your new floors installed correctly is paramount to maximizing their shelf life. While many people attempt to install their own hardwood floors, doing so comes with a number of risks. Learn some of the benefits of having a professional install your new hardwood floors:

Skill and Experience

Hiring a professional assures an installer with the skills and experience necessary to do the job right the first time. The installers at Smith Bros Flooring have years of practice installing hardwood floors in a wide variety of home layouts. We’ve seen nearly every unique situation that calls for creative adaptations. We know the NWFA installation rules and follow them closely.

Even small flaws, such as placing planks too far apart or too close together, can result in major issues down the line. We have been working with hardwood for many years, and we understand the process of expansion and contraction that all hardwood floors go through. We can ensure proper installation so that you avoid any future problems.

Proper Preparation

Proper subfloor preparation is a vital aspect of a correct hardwood floor installation. Any hardwood installer will echo this important sentiment: “A hardwood flooring installation is only as sound as the subfloor below.”

Improper subfloor prep can lead to cupping of individual planks or gapping between boards. The subfloor must be clean, flat, and dry before installation of hardwood can begin. A professional installation company will have the proper equipment needed to the subfloor is sound and within spec before laying hardwood planks.

Time Management

Laying new floors in your home can be a very inconvenient proposition. After all, it’s tough to go about your daily business without walking on your floors. If you choose to install new floors on your own, you’ll need to have a detailed, piece-by-piece plan in place before you begin if you wish to alleviate inconvenience.

Performing the installation yourself could take weeks, at best. Hiring a professional installer, on the other hand, can drastically reduce installation time. At Smith Bros, we have an entire team of professional installers at your disposal to get the job done according to your preferred timetable.

Guaranteed Work

While you’ll inevitably learn a lot if you decide to tackle a DIY floor installation project, mistakes can prove very costly. You’ll have no avenues for recourse if you miss an important step or damage planks during the installation process. We’ve torn out many DYI floors because people were unable to sell their homes, or the new purchasers have used it as a negotiating point to lower the finial sale price. This turns your money invested into a loss.

Hiring a professional installer, such as Smith Bros, will give you much more peace of mind. We guarantee our work, and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll work hard to make sure you’re ultimately happy with your new hardwood floors.

If you’ve selected the type of hardwood you wish to have installed in your home, it’s time to schedule the best time for a professional team to complete the job. Please don’t hesitate to give the flooring experts at Smith Bros a call at 403-917-0847 today!

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