bona hardwood floor products

There is much more to hardwood flooring than just wooden planks. Adhesives, abrasives, finishes, sealers, stains, and floor care products are all key to the beauty and longevity of our beloved floors. Bona is a Swedish-based company developed over a century ago that specializes in all these vital products.

High Performance Products

From the beginning, owner Wilhelm Edner specialized in developing innovative products that have helped people all over the world maintain their beautiful hardwood floors. Their highly sought-after cleaning product line is arguably the best on the market today, boasting high performance and long-lasting results. It’s no wonder that hardwood flooring professionals, like our team at Smith Bros Floors, trust Bona’s consistent results when installing, maintaining, and refinishing floors.

Versatile Stains and Finishes

In addition to their high-quality floor care products and machines, Bona also offers a wide range of stains and finishes that can be applied to nearly any floor. Inspired by fashion, home decor, and architecture, these unique coatings have the ability to customize and complement hardwood floors in a completely unique way. From muted tones to floral notes, these stains and finishes aren’t just gorgeous, they help extend the lifespan of any hardwood to which they are applied.

Safe for the Whole Family with Bona Products

Bona’s exceedingly high standards don’t end at the longevity and beauty of their products. There is a third pillar of their company philosophy: safety. All of their cleaners are non-toxic and GREENGUARD certified, meaning they are safe for indoor air quality, children, and animals. Bona’s products meet stringent chemical emissions criteria as well as being tested for additional chemicals suspected to cause health issues.

Bona’s innovative line of products create the opportunity for home and business owners to enjoy beautiful hardwood floors safely and for a long time to come. If you’re curious why Bona is one of the top manufacturers of floor care and finishing products in the world, take a look at their offerings here.  

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