Unifloor Flooring

If you are in the market for an alternative option to solid hardwood flooring then you may have heard about flooring products such as engineered hardwood, LVP and laminate. These are popular choices among many customers, and due to this popularity and demand, there are a number of products available in the market. 

Smith Bros Floors offers various flooring products and Unifloor is an in-demand option among our customers. This brand consists of different varieties of engineered hardwood flooring, LVP and laminate flooring. Unifloor flooring is a superb choice for our customers who want an alternative material option other than solid hardwood for their flooring needs. Unifloor offers many choices of engineered flooring that include various finishes such as matte, glossy, or embossed with a variety of colour selections to choose from.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring looks almost identical to a solid hardwood flooring surface and is often the preferred choice for those who are considering installing hardwood floors. Solid hardwood flooring can be susceptible to movement with changes in humidity levels. The wider the board the more movement there can be within the board.

Engineered hardwood floors have a plywood or fillet core/base topped with a 100-percent real wood veneer. Engineered wood flooring is a more dimensionally stable product than solid wood and one could opt for a wider board as this will have a lesser chance of shrinkage. 

Since the surface of engineered wood flooring is real wood, the natural characteristics of the wood offer an authentic look and feel of hardwood floors. 

Laminate and LVP Flooring

Laminate and LVP are multi-layer engineered flooring products, and are designed to imitate the semblance of real wood, where the topmost layer has a textured and imprinted image made to look like real wood. You can find laminate and LVP flooring even in higher-end homes now, where previous owners would install nothing but solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring. Innovations such as deep embossing and sharper image layers allow laminate and LVP flooring to function better, look better, and feel superior underfoot than ever before. Laminate and LVP flooring is a great choice if you want a material that is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and good for high-impact homes such as those with pets or young children.

Unifloor: A Host of Flooring Products to Suit Your Many Needs

Euro Original

This collection consists of laminate and engineered hardwood flooring. All products are 100% European imported and originate from the wood from Swiss forests.

Ideal Wood

This collection consists of 100% engineered hardwood flooring products.

EC Premium

Laminate flooring:



Collections feature 100% waterproof SPC LVP flooring:

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