For nearly two decades, CRAFT has designed and provided artisan hardwood floors to home and business owners all over North America. Their dedication to unique products, embedded with a passionate connection to nature has allowed them to establish a brand known for high quality and even higher standards.     

Truly Handcrafted

In a world of mass production, CRAFT offers handcrafted wood floors that can never be duplicated by copycat machinery. Each piece is prepared manually, given the loving care of a skilled craftsperson. The techniques used ensure that each piece displays tones and textures exclusive to the CRAFT brand. The company does admit that while this makes their job that much more time consuming and laborious, the results are always worth the extra work.  

Affordable and Artisan

Maintaining such high standards can often encourage manufacturers to drive up prices astronomically, but CRAFT believes in making artisan flooring affordable for most budgets. Because of this, homeowners who would have never dreamed they could have wall-to-wall hardwood are now living in the natural beauty that is CRAFT flooring. 

GREENGUARD® Gold Certification

The world knows that lowering emissions is an important step to protecting the natural beauty we enjoy in our day to day lives. Hardwood flooring is no different. As installers, we have a responsibility to choose manufacturers that value sustainability for sourcing, manufacturing, and beyond. CRAFT is a company that has exceeded those standards by certifying themselves with GREENGUARD. This is an organization with stringent health-based criteria, including low emissions and VOCs.  

The artisan creators at CRAFT take no shortcuts at any point in their design, and it truly shows. We know that our customers appreciate the attention to detail and love of nature that CRAFT imbues into every plank. To see for yourself why we love working with their products, take a look at their website here

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