Wildwood Antique & Nature

Wildwood Antique & Nature

Wildwood Antique & Nature

Magna Hardwood Floors is an Albertan based manufacturer who produces exquisite flooring sustainably sourced from all over the world. Through their travels, specimens from Canada, Asia, Europe, and the United States are all available to Albertan homes and businesses. This allows Magna to work with a wide variety of hardwood products, since different climates result in different trees. At Smith Bros, we have had the honour to work with two of their most lauded collections: Wildwood Antique and Wildwood Nature.

Wildwood Antique Collection

Magna’s team of experts personally travels to each destination with the goal of sourcing gorgeous woods. The Wildwood Antique Collection was founded in the broadleaf forests of Western Europe. Oak and hickory are the focal point of this line. Each product is UV cured with urethane and aluminum oxide for maximum durability. Vast grain variations from board to board are highlighted by wide planks and light wire brushing. Vibrant, cool colours are emblematic of Wildwood Antique products. You can take a look at this classically beautiful line here

Wildwood Nature Collection

Also sourced from Western European forests, the Wildwood Nature Collection features a different take on the mighty oak. This line accentuates more modest textures and grains, allowing the natural charm of the wood to shine through. Available in a wide range of lighter colours to dark browns, Wildwood Nature planks boast warm hues and natural mineral streaking. The result is flooring that appears both organic and contemporary. Click the link here to explore more of what this unique collection has to offer. 

For those looking for a different take on hardwood flooring, the Wildwood Antique and Wildwood Nature Collections are the perfect blend of exceptional and natural. Furthermore, Magna’s commitment to quality will ensure that your floors will last for years to come. If you’re curious to learn more about this Alberta-based manufacturer, take a look at their website and see for yourself why many of our customers choose Wildwood hardwood for their homes. 

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