Hardwood Floor Installation in Calgary

Hardwood Floor Installation in Calgary

Hardwood flooring is known for its ability to bring warmth, value, and enduring style to any interior and is a sought-after choice for many homeowners. When it comes to upgrading your home’s flooring, you have two choices. As a homeowner, you can opt to handle the installation yourself after choosing a flooring product, or you can enlist the expertise of flooring professionals, such as our team at Smith Bros. Floors. Our team excels in providing hardwood floor installation services, which showcases our expertise, knowledge, and passion. Whether it is nailed down, glued down, click-lock, or stapled floors, our team is well versed in all installation methods.

Improper installation of hardwood flooring may lead to issues such as uneven or squeaky floors, gaps between planks, cupping/buckling, joints too close together which isn’t as strong structurally and is unsightly. However, these indications of poor hardwood flooring installation can be remedied by utilizing the correct installation techniques and procedures when you enlist the services of Smith Bros. Floors.

Types of Installation

The following are hardwood floor installation options in Calgary that Smith Bros. Flooring offers depending on wood type and subfloor conditions:

Preparation Steps Before Installation

Before you select the hardwood flooring material for your home, there are a few things to consider. Genuine hardwood flooring requires an acclimatization process before installation, and this is because hardwoods will acclimate to the environment in which they will be installed. We recommend giving hardwood floors 5-7 days to lay out before installation, providing ample time for the hardwood to adapt to the room.

The Installation Process

1. Site Assessment

Our installation crew will assess the site conditions, including the subfloor, moisture levels, and overall environment to ensure the flooring is suitable for hardwood installation.

2. Select A Flooring Product And Book A Measurement Appointment

Once you have selected a product, book a measurement appointment. During this appointment, flooring installers will take precise measurements of your rooms and map your installation requirements in detail which includes a technical site inspection and a project quote.

3. Delivery And Installation

After the measurement appointment, a final quote for the cost of the entire project will be emailed to you, and a schedule for your installation will be provided. Hardwood floor installers will arrive at your home with your selected flooring, finish the installation, and conduct a final inspection to guarantee your satisfaction.

Post-Installation Care For New Hardwood Flooring

After hardwood flooring installation, we recommend ventilating the space and if you are sensitive to dust and odors, proper ventilation should be conducted for 48 to 72 hours after installation. In addition, utilize protective pads and place felt or rubber pads under furniture legs to avoid causing scratches and dents when moving or rearranging furniture. We also recommend using a humidifier during dry seasons to prevent the wood from drying out and shrinking, as wood is sensitive to changes in humidity. With humidity present, use a dehumidifier to prevent the wood from expanding and warping.

At Smith Bros. Floors, we go beyond mere flooring installation—we are flooring enthusiasts! We approach every flooring project with passion and we understand that choosing the right flooring, regardless of its scale, is a significant decision and a lifelong investment for your home. Our team of experts will stand beside you, prepared to address any inquiries and reduce the stress associated with making such a substantial choice! Contact us today at (403) 255-7791 to find the flooring of your dreams, and install it successfully to make the most out of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Floating wood floors can be installed over linoleum, and solid hardwood flooring is a possible option, but usually there is k-3 under the linoleum and that does not hold a nail well. Often the linoleum and underlay needs to be removed prior to installation.
Solid wood is a superb flooring choice for stairs, however, a lot is required for its installation on stairs. The stairs’ skeleton has already been created in several home improvement projects, but the surface components, risers, and treads may necessitate replacement.
The quickest installation method is the floating method, as floating floors are not fastened to the subfloor but they float on top of it. An adhesive is used on the boards to glue them together or they use a click system which requires no glue.
This is possible only if the current floor is fastened to the subfloor and it is in working condition. In this scenario, one might be able to use hardwood on top of the older floor.
Hardwood flooring installation produces debris and noise, and you may want to relocate your children and pets to another room or area until the flooring installation process is complete.
Hardwood flooring installation times can vary according to the space size, the type of installation method, and the necessary prerequisites of the project.
Solid hardwood flooring is best for installation on or above ground level, and hardwood flooring can provide a smooth transition to rooms with other types of flooring, such as tile or carpeting. Solid hardwood flooring should not be installed in basements due to the potential for damage from high relative humidity. Engineered hardwood is usually ok to use below grade.
Trim and molding are a crucial component of any hardwood flooring installation project, as these strips can fill in gaps and create transitions from the floor to wall, and one room to another.

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