Kentwood Floors

We are proud to offer our customers the full catalogue of Kentwood flooring products. We are sure you’ll find their products as beautiful as we do. Natural beauty, contemporary designs, and environmental stewardship are just three of the values that this unique hardwood flooring manufacturer exemplifies.

Environmentally Responsible

Kentwood goes above and beyond by adhering to scrupulous sustainable practices. They believe, as we do, that preserving our forests and investing in the natural ecosystems our business depends on is key to long term success. By producing high-quality flooring that lasts for a lifetime, Kentwood ensures that our renewable resources are being used effectively. Their involvement with green certification programs like LEED is just another way that Kentwood lives and breathes sustainability.

Collections for Everyone

Installed in homes all over the world, Kentwood products are as unique as their customer base. That’s why they offer three main brands: Couture Collection by Kentwood, Kentwood Originals, and Elements by Kentwood. Each line of flooring characterizes different styles and needs. From chic to affordable, complementary to show-stopping, everyone can find a hardwood floor that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Stunning Virtual Showroom

Kentwood’s easy to navigate website allows you to browse through a comprehensive gallery that displays their floors in real-life homes. If that isn’t enough to spark your imagination, they even have a virtual lookbook where you can upload a picture of your home and select different flooring styles so you can see how their floors would actually look in your space. Many of our customers love having the ability to play with different floors before making a decision.

Kentwood floors are a stunning addition to any home or business, and one that we are happy to install. Learn more about this company and the products they offer by checking out their website here

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