Timeless Wood Floors

Timeless Wood Floors

Timeless Wood Floors

Timeless Wood Floors is a hardwood flooring supplier based out of Calgary, Alberta. Through intentional design and a timeless fashion sense, this company provides exceptional flooring for Western Canadian homes and businesses. Timeless Wood’s high standards in the industry make their products an obvious favourite for our expert installers to work with.    

Made Tough for Albertan Winters

The hardwood flooring industry tends to set universal standards. This doesn’t account for the fact that different climates will affect hardwood flooring differently. Western Canada, where we do our business, experiences incredibly dry winters.  If your hardwood floors aren’t designed to withstand the dryness, the boards will shrink and crack over time. Timeless Wood Floors ensures that all their products have the moisture required to withstand our northern climate. 

Purley Western Canadian Design

Your home is a direct expression of your personality, your sense of art, and your values. Design is how to translate those characteristics into physical form. Timeless Wood Floors are fashioned with Western Canadian trends and designs in mind. Home and business owners who value staying on top of trends with high-quality flooring will be able to find the perfect flooring with Timeless Wood Floors. 

Timeless & GemCore Stone Collections

Timeless Wood Floors has divided its products into two main collections: Timeless Hardwood and GemCore Stone Composite. Each sub-collection is made up of unique floors that have special designs and finishes for every taste and budget. The Timeless Hardwood Collection contains classic styles with a touch of modernity. The GemCore Stone Composite Collection, on the other hand, is equally as beautiful but a heavier duty option that is waterproof and dent resistant. 

Timeless Wood Floors offer hardwood flooring options tailored to Albertan homes and businesses. To learn more about their products and values, check out their website here

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