Vintage Flooring

Vintage Flooring

VINTAGE Flooring Products

Vintage Flooring offers gorgeous, textured floors perfect for any home or business. From sculpted to wire brushed textures, hand scraped to herringbone finishes, they have established themselves as a premium Canadian manufacturer of hardwood flooring that we are proud to work with.    

Cork Flooring

By combining innovation and design, TORLYS has come up with a different type of “hardwood” floor: CorkWood. Cork is a renewable resource that offers durability and insulation all in one gorgeous package. These impressive insulative qualities keep cold air from seeping through the floor so that you don’t need to bundle up in order to enjoy its beauty. Furthermore, these floors are available in a variety of colours and patterns designed to recreate the look of hardwood floors.

Over 30 Years of Quality

Beginning in 1989, Vintage has set a precedent for innovative products in the prefinished hardwood flooring market. Today they supply homes and businesses all across Canada, the United States, and around the world with quality floors. New colours and textures are often incorporated into their product lines to meet modern demand while staying true to the principles of quality and workmanship they developed over three decades ago. 

Gentle on the Earth

Vintage implements rigorous quality control measures for environmental standards in their own facilities. These measures, combined with continuous improvements, ensure that their systems meet the toughest standards. All of their finishes are 99% VOC and formaldehyde free.

Unique and Durable

Our customers benefit the most when we can provide them with beautiful flooring that is relatively easy to maintain. We work with Vintage because their designers always have the finished product in mind. That’s why their floors have longer average lengths for a more elegant look, small seams for less clean up, and custom species that will ensure a truly one-of-a-kind floor. In fact, they offer ten sizes, four grades, over one hundred colours, three gloss levels, and five different species of wood. That’s hundreds of possibilities for customization!

We pride ourselves on working with the highest quality materials that our customers will be happy to have in their homes. Vintage flooring aligns with our high standards of excellence, and as such we are proud to install their products. To learn more about Vintage Flooring, To learn how we can incorporate their gorgeous products into your living space, contact us today for a consultation. 

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