Hardwood Floors Professional Installation: The Advantages

Hardwood Floors Professional Installation: The Advantages

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Hardwood floors are the perfect addition to any residential space. They look great, increase the resale value of the home, and last years longer than other flooring options. Homeowners who are renovating may be tempted to cut costs by installing hardwood themselves, however this type of flooring is anything but a DIY project. Smith Bros, for example, draws on over a century of training and professional installation experience. That kind of background is not something a few online videos could ever compete with.

The Devil in the Details

Laying down boards may not seem so complicated at first, but a closer look at the project and you’ll notice there are a plethora of considerations before installation can even begin. For example, there needs to be a space for the new floor. Will you install directly over top of the old one or tear it out? Will you need to remove baseboards and moldings? How will your doors fit over top of the new hardwood floor? Professional installers are well aware of each of these challenges and their unique solutions. They will be able to determine measurements and account for all those details their training has taught them to consider.

Special Considerations

While the above issues are ones you may encounter in any floor installation project, hardwood has some unique characteristics. A professional installer will need to acclimate the wood to your home. This process can take as little as one day, up to three or four weeks depending on the product and site conditions. Skipping this step could cause permanent cupping or cracking. Humidity has a huge part to play in the acclimation process, so the installer will need to ensure the area is climate controlled and free of furniture.

The Finishing Touches

There is still work to do once the subfloor and hardwood flooring has been installed. All of the old flooring needs to be disposed, baseboards need to be put back, and the area cleaned. A professional will know how to safely add these finishing touches and get rid of the waste properly. This is also when they will teach you how to care for your new flooring. From here on, you now have an invaluable resource for any questions you may have about the hardwood floors.

When you have your hardwood floors professionally installed, you know exactly what you’re getting. Don’t take a chance on a botched DIY project. Take advantage of these benefits by having your hardwood floors professionally installed. Get an estimate for your home today!

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