Chevron and Herringbone Flooring Trends

Chevron and Herringbone Flooring Trends

Chevron flooring trend

If you’re looking to remodel your floors, it is worth paying attention to current trends because herringbone and chevron patterns are making a comeback this year! These floor patterns can look stunning with solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or luxury vinyl planks. Read ahead to find out what makes these patterns so unique in comparison to their other flooring counterparts.

Chevron Flooring
The chevron flooring pattern is having a comeback recently and this flooring style can be found in some of the most renowned palaces, manors, and homes. A chevron pattern can be achieved by having planks cut at a 45-degree angle and fitted together directly at a point to make a distinct ‘V’ shape. All types of wood can be cut into chevron flooring patterns. Because of the way in which the pieces are made, the chevron design ultimately brings out the beauty in the wood that it is constructed of. Oak, walnut, and hickory are some popular material choices when one is considering installing chevron-patterned hardwood flooring. 


Benefits Of Chevron Flooring

Some of the benefits of chevron flooring include:

Versatility: Chevron flooring improves the look of the furnishings and décor of almost any room. It is elegant enough to install in formal rooms, in modern settings, and in rustic or farmhouse interiors.

Beauty: Chevron flooring is best known for bringing the best out in the wood that it is constructed from, and evokes a timeless and beautiful feeling in any room that it is installed in.

Herringbone Flooring

A herringbone flooring pattern is differentiated by its perfect rectangle pattern, where rectangle blocks are placed in a broken zig-zag pattern in a technique that places one of the plank sides into the end of another. These blocks meet and create a straight line at the point where the ends meet. Herringbone floor patterns give you enough design to break up the monotony in a room, but are not dramatic enough to overwhelm the room. It is considered one of the most popular patterns in the market currently. There are many materials that one can use in making herringbone and chevron floors such as oak, walnut, and other types of timber in addition to options available in luxury vinyl planks. When herringbone flooring patterns are installed in small spaces, the zig-zag pattern makes the room appear bigger by drawing the eye to the width of the room and this creates an optical illusion of more square footage.

Benefits Of Herringbone Flooring

There are many benefits of herringbone flooring patterns which include:

Versatility: Herringbone flooring patterns are timeless yet trendy and can fit in with almost any furniture and décor while complimenting other features of the room instead of stealing the spotlight.

Functionality: The herringbone style is best used in high-traffic areas since this pattern is conducive to long-lasting flooring.

Durability: Herringbone flooring patterns can hold up years longer than other traditional flooring patterns and since the pattern is durable, it can last for decades.

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