Cascade Luxury Vinyl Plank

Cascade Luxury Vinyl Plank

Cascade Luxury Vinyl Plank

There is a timeless elegance that comes with natural wood floors. For some, however, the thought of achieving that aesthetic is quickly dampened by the price tag and process attached to these real resources. Cascade Luxury Vinyl is the solution to this dilemma. This Canadian flooring manufacturer provides home and business owners with natural-looking floors made of luxury vinyl.

LVP Floors

Luxury vinyl plank floors, or LVP, are affordable, waterproof, and designed to look like natural wood. These hyper-realistic replicas are relatively easy to install and offer warmth and texture underfoot. As they are manufactured from high quality vinyl, they are also long lasting and incredibly durable. Anyone looking for low maintenance and high performance, luxury vinyl plank floors will not disappoint.

Affordable Luxury

Cascade Luxury Vinyl is an offshoot of one of Western Canada’s largest flooring manufacturers, Buckwold Western. Because of Buckwold’s vast distribution network, they are able to source vinyl from around the world at incredible wholesale prices. These savings are then passed onto their customers so that they can experience quality flooring for a reasonable cost. Furthermore, Cascade Luxury Vinyl’s products go through multiple inspections to ensure the highest standards of quality have been met before they are released to the general public.

Stylish & Contemporary

As luxury vinyl plank flooring swells in popularity, Cascade Luxury Vinyl stays on top of trends and new innovations. With nearly a dozen unique collections, customers can choose from a wide variety of floors to find a look that compliments their style. Their website even has a visualizer tool to make it easy to imagine what floor will look best before it’s even installed. 

Luxury vinyl plank floors from Cascade Luxury Vinyl are the perfect option for those who want the beauty of hardwood and the ease of vinyl. If you’re curious about how these luxury floors can add to your space, take a look at their offerings here.

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