Nothing is more classically European than the look of French oak flooring. This is the type of wood that Valaire works with exclusively. Stepping foot on their floors can feel like stepping back in time to a distant villa across the sea, a grand castle, or an expansive monastery. From installation through decades of use, French oak never fails to impress. Valaire’s sustainably harvested planks mature over time from a rich amber glow to a deep golden brilliance.

Durable Construction

Replicating near-medieval techniques, Valaire’s floors are ¾” thick with 9 layer cross-grain stability and cold press lamination. This allows them to be sturdy and long-lasting, even with regular wear and tear that flooring naturally undergoes. Years down the road, these floors can handle professional refinishing as they are re-sandable up to three times.

Live Sawn Beauty

Valaire’s craftsmanship goes further than laminations or a hardwood core, even the way the logs are cut is special. The live sawn technique dates back hundreds of years. It accentuates and displays the unique character of each tree. Knots, pith, and mineral deposits all combine to reveal the natural beauty of the wood. Furthermore, the live sawing approach actually reduces the amount of the tree wasted in the sawing process. For home and business owners who value economical beauty, these floors are a wonderful option.

Elegant Parquet Designs

Hardwood floors are sustainable, long-lasting, and beautiful. Valaire’s floors are works of art. Take a look at their website to discover more about the colours, patterns, and feel of these unique floors.

Unique and Durable

Our customers benefit the most when we can provide them with beautiful flooring that is relatively easy to maintain. We work with Vintage because their designers always have the finished product in mind. That’s why their floors have longer average lengths for a more elegant look, small seams for less clean up, and custom species that will ensure a truly one-of-a-kind floor. In fact, they offer ten sizes, four grades, over one hundred colours, three gloss levels, and five different species of wood. That’s hundreds of possibilities for customization!

We pride ourselves on working with the highest quality materials that our customers will be happy to have in their homes. Vintage flooring aligns with our high standards of excellence, and as such we are proud to install their products. To learn more about Vintage Flooring, To learn how we can incorporate their gorgeous products into your living space, contact us today for a consultation. 

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