Woodline Parquetry

Woodline Parquetry

Woodline Parquetry

Woodline Parquetry began as a small family-owned business nearly 30 years ago. That’s when Gurjeet and his father decided to manufacture high-quality hardwood floors. Since their inception, a single collection has blossomed into nearly a dozen uniquely crafted lines. From classic oaks to contemporary walnut planks, Woodline Parquetry designs a beautiful variety of options.

Global Specialists

Woodline Parquetry’s team is made up of passionate staff. Each one is integral to the sourcing, manufacturing, and the sales of these gorgeous floors. As such, they are stationed all around the world to give customers access to specialist market knowledge and expertise. With sales directors and timber specialists in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America, they have truly built a well-respected global brand. 

Personalized Products

One of the keystones of Woodline Parquetry’s business philosophy is the belief that each person is unique and deserving of a floor just as special. Living and working spaces are all individual expressions of character, style, and values. Through this recognition, they made it their mission to design flooring with that same tailored-to-fit principle. As a result, Woodline Parquetry offers over a thousand engineered hardwood flooring choices in each continent they serve. 

Beauty & Practicality Combined

For this manufacturer, aesthetics and usability work in tandem. All of their products are splash-proof and easy to clean. For day to day wear and tear, no special products are needed. Simply grab your weapon of choice: vacuum, broom, or mop, and brush the day away. Furthermore, all of their floors are manufactured with a Hevea core. Hevea Brasiliensis is a plantation hardwood timber that is fast growing and native to the USA. By using this wood as the core, it reduces the damage of overharvesting white oak, while still maintaining excellent dimensional stability. 

Woodline Parquetry is a great choice for homes, hotels, shops, and offices looking for quality craftsmanship and gorgeous products. Take a look at their offerings here and find out for yourself why people around the world trust their flooring to Woodline Parquetry.  

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