How to Keep Your Floors Looking Great in Calgary’s Dry Climate

How to Keep Your Floors Looking Great in Calgary’s Dry Climate

Keep Your Floors Looking Great

Hardwood flooring adds beauty and warmth to any given space. When you have hardwood floors installed in your home, you will want to ensure that the original hardwood surface and natural beauty of the wood lasts for as long as possible. A great way to maintain hardwood flooring over time is with an appropriate care routine that includes proper maintenance and cleaning steps. Calgary has a dry climate, and the following tips will help ensure your floors continue to look great regardless of the dry environment!

Keep Your Floors Debris-Free with Regular Clean-Up

The outside environment plays a part in our indoor environment. In Calgary, this means due to the dry climate there is dust everywhere, and this inevitably ends up inside our homes. Every day accumulation of debris and dust particles can become damage-causing culprits that can create visible scratches on hardwood flooring when rubbed against the floor. Over time, even tiny particles can cause small scratches on the floor’s surface that become noticeable with accumulated wear on the floor. Hence, it is best that small bits of dirt and debris spend less time on your hardwood floor. The best material for cleaning hardwood flooring daily is a microfiber cloth or mop. Dust-mopping or sweeping the floor is a superb daily maintenance strategy. 

In addition, following up on daily care paired with weekly maintenance will ensure the investment in your hardwood flooring pays off in the long run. Weekly maintenance such as vacuuming will help with deep cleaning and accessing hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath furniture and sofas. If you choose to include mopping in your weekly cleaning routine, ensure you use a tool warranted by the flooring manufacturer. As well, it is important to use the least amount of water when using a mop, as extra moisture can become problematic to real wood. It is vital that the floor becomes dry as quickly as possible, and a microfiber cloth can be used to dry any excess moisture.

Ensure Optimal Humidity Levels Inside the Home 

Calgary experiences a dry winter with low humidity conditions as low as 5-10%. However, during the summer months, humidity readings are around 50-55%. There is a noticeable variation in seasonal humidity, and these conditions cause hardwood flooring to expand and contract. Wood is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs and releases moisture depending on the surroundings and its present environment. Dry air can be problematic and damaging for hardwood flooring, as dry air causes the wood to lose moisture and this leads to the wood planks eventually cracking as a result of shrinking. Conversely, high humidity can cause hardwood floors to swell and this results in ‘cupping’, a term used to describe planks that rise above the rest of the wood. Using a good quality humidifier in the home can help lessen the damage to hardwood flooring inside your home. Maintaining an ideal humidity level will reduce movement within the flooring and as a result, reduce damage to hardwood flooring. Experts recommend that the humidity should be maintained as close to 30% as possible all year round.

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