Spotlight: TORLYS

Spotlight: TORLYS

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For any company, it’s difficult to be successful without the help of key strategic partners and suppliers. When it comes to making our clients happy and satisfied with the work we do, it’s important to recognize that we couldn’t do it without the assistance of our amazing partners and suppliers.

At Smith Brothers Floors, we know that our ability to give our clients exactly what they’re looking for is largely dependent on the maintenance of healthy relationships with our suppliers. We know it takes a team to serve a community, and this is why we value our strategic partnerships very highly.

TORLYS Smart Floors

One of our amazing partners, TORLYS, is a Canadian hardwood flooring company located in Mississauga. TORLYS was founded in 1988 and we love to work with them because of their commitment to beautiful, green flooring solutions that are easy to maintain.

Originally, TORLYS began as a small-scale distributor of general building and flooring products that served the building supply and commercial hardwood flooring markets in Central Ontario. Over the course of the past 25 years, TORLYs has become one of the fastest-growing flooring companies in Canada.

In fact, TORLYS cork, hardwood, laminate, and leather flooring is available through an extensive network of specialized dealers worldwide and, at Smith Brothers Floors, we are happy to bring superior products from TORLYS to our customers throughout Canada.

In addition to providing superior products, we love to work with TORLYS because of their commitment to environmentally friendly distribution processes and willingness to give back to the communities that they serve.

The team at TORLYS recognizes Habitat for Humanity as their official charity of choice and they have been responsible for providing flooring for the living room and/or dining room of every home that the organization builds.

Products and Features

When it comes to hardwood flooring, TORLYS offers a great variety of products, including prefinished, “click-together” engineered floating floors, hardwood, laminate, cork and leather options, flooring suitable for installation over wood frame, concrete, or gypcrete subfloors, and more.

All TORLYS floors are also radiant heat warrantied and have been designed to meet specific condo acoustic and restriction rates. At Smith Brothers Floors, we highly value the level of commitment to clients and the environment that TORLYS exemplifies.

We believe, as does TORLYS, that our customers should have access to the highest quality of hardwood floors, but we don’t think that this privilege should be granted at the expense of the environment. Because of the obvious “nature” of the hardwood flooring industry, it’s imperative that we consider how our business practices affect the beautiful environment that we directly rely upon.

If you’re interested in learning more about TORLYS or their products, please don’t hesitate to visit them online today. Also, if you’d like to speak directly to a Smith Bros representative about your unique hardwood needs, please give us a call at 1-403-917-0847 today!

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