Do You Need to Replace Your Floors, or Just Refinish?

Do You Need to Replace Your Floors, or Just Refinish?

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If your hardwood flooring has been there long enough, you may have begun to notice some wear and tear. The big question is whether you need a full replacement or just a professional refinish. Here are a few ways you can tell the difference.


Longevity will vary widely between floor types and environmental factors. If a floor is cared for properly, it can go decades without a refinish and quite some time without replacement, but in reality the floor of a family environment can take quite the beating. In most cases, basic cosmetic degradation can be dealt with by arranging for a refinish. If, however, your home is on the old side and its floors have already gone through a few refinish cycles, they may have been sanded down too far. Things like poor linkage of the grooves and tongues or exposed blind nails are telltale signs that a replacement may be in order.

Structural Health

Determining the need for a refinish or replacement is sometimes a matter of both your hardwood and your subfloor. Issues like creaking may actually be due to a subfloor that is aged or poorly secured to the joists. If there are advanced subfloor problems that require a removal of your flooring altogether, consider the health of the hardwood to determine if you should replace it in the process of addressing your structural issues. If the planks have experienced a significant amount of moisture or insect-related damage, replacement may be necessary. This, of course, can be prevented with the right choice in species, proper installation, and good care!

A Dustless Refinish

One major disadvantage of a refinish is the dust. Furniture often needs to be covered and areas of your home closed off. Our solution is to use Bona’s dustless sanding system, which spares the homeowner the trouble of an intrusive sanding through effective and carefully-engineered dust containment. A refinish is almost always cheaper than a replacement, so as long as there aren’t any serious structural or age-related problems at hand, you can extend the life of the floor you have without investing in a complete overhaul!

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