Supplier Spotlight: Kentwood Floors

Supplier Spotlight: Kentwood Floors

Smith Bros. Floors Ltd.

As usual, Smith Bros is eager to shed some light on the businesses that we’ve established great working relationships with. We’re proud to work with a variety of dedicated and highly knowledgeable flooring specialists who share our values and Kentwood Floors is no exception. They’re a Canadian flooring supplier with an eye for beauty, quality, and variety.

Floors for the Contemporary Home

Kentwood has supplied flooring for a wide variety of home types around the world. Their approach to flooring seeks to meet the highest standards and latest trends in home interiors. Adapting to the look and feel desired by the homeowner is one of their top priorities, focusing on pre-finished solid and engineered hardwood types with vibrant colours and authentic textures. Whether you’re seeking a rustic look suitable for a cottage or the organic and sophisticated feel of a modern home, Kentwood can provide the floor that is best for you. They’ve even strived to meet the demands of the modern world by seeking out environmentally responsible business practices!

Sustainability and Responsibility

A wide selection of products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, not to mention a full-time Environmental Compliance Officer, can attest to Kentwood’s sense of integrity as a hardwood supplier. They not only maintain responsible forestry practices themselves, but advocate for wider adoption of responsible forestry practices throughout the industry. Examples of this include funding for Sustainable Harvest International and the Tropical Forest Foundation as well as nation-wide promotion of green building initiatives and certification programs.

Variety, Practicality, and the West Coast Spirit

With three major hardwood selections, Kentwood can offer its clients and vendors the variety they need for a diverse range of home applications. Looking for an unforgettable modern look? The bold and distinctive Couture range has it. Hoping to find affordable yet high-quality solid planks? The Elements selection is where you’ll find your match. Last but not least, Kentwood’s flagship Originals selection can offer you the spirit of their local scenery, inspired by the colours and textures of the west coast landscape. The installation methods are as diverse as their species and finishes, as everything from nail-down to click and floating planks are available.

With such a dedicated focus on quality and responsible forestry, Smith Bros is proud to be a certified vendor of Kentwood’s many flooring products. If you’d like to give your home the Kentwood treatment, give us a call at (403) 917-0847 today!

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