Parquet Flooring: A Modern Take on a Classic Art Form

Parquet Flooring: A Modern Take on a Classic Art Form

Parquet Flooring: A Modern Take on a Classic Art Form - Smith Bros Floors - Hardwood Floors Calgary - Featured Image

Back in the 1960s, parquet flooring was all the rage. It seemed every kitchen, den, and dining room was outfitted with these geometric-style floors. Over time, the trends shifted and parquet flooring fell out of favour with home and business owners. That is, until now. Canadian homes and businesses have suddenly seen a resurgence in this age-old style. In this article, we are going to explore a bit about the history of parquet floors and why more and more Canadians are choosing to invest in them.


A Prestigious Beginning

Parquet flooring was first used hundreds of years ago in France. In the mid-1600s, marble flooring was the norm for wealthy households. Although beautiful, these stone floors needed to be washed regularly. Over time, the moisture would settle in the cracks and slip to the joists underneath, causing them to rot. It was because of this that artisans of the 17th century switched from marble slabs to wooden geometric patterns. Wooden floors were much easier to clean and lasted longer. Crafting those patterns, however, was intricate and time-consuming work, so it was a luxury reserved for the extremely wealthy. To this day, parquet flooring can be seen in such historical monuments such as the Palace of Versailles.


A Surprising Reinvention

Parquet flooring wasn’t just used inside homes, in fact, the NBA began to use these floors on their basketball courts starting with the Boston Arena in 1946. That particular floor has since been cut up and reintegrated into the new TD Garden court.  Later on, in the 1960s and 70s, manufacturers began to produce inexpensive, thin parquet tiles. That’s why every mid-century home seems to be covered in parquetry; it was a popular and affordable choice for homeowners.


Beneficial & Beautiful

Nowadays parquet flooring is starting to experience something of a resurgence. Homeowners who want unique-looking hardwood floors are rediscovering the beauty of geometric designs. Manufacturers such as Woodline Parquetry are rising to the challenge by producing a wide range of styles that vary from traditional to modern and even minimalistic. Despite their sometimes complex design, parquet floors are easier to install than their plank counterparts since they do not need to be nailed down and typically come pre-finished.

Parquetry is an art form that has been appreciated and improved upon for centuries. Bold, beautiful, and unique, these floors truly make a statement wherever they are installed. If you’re curious if parquet flooring is right for your space, contact our team of experts today to book a consultation!

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